Sapphic Sensation: Jonida & Tuna VS Madonna & Britney!

16 APRIL 2006, 8:00 PM

“Are they, aren’t they?” is the question that has been puzzling the fans and the “Top Fest 2006” audience for quite some now. The two Albanian popstars, Jonida Maliqi and Altuna Sejdiu (TUNA) have teamed up for the new song “Women’s Power” which won the whole thing and fed dirty minds with sapphic fantasies even though without any infamous buss onstage.

“Who does who?!” - is another query that casts aspersions on the story about which the collective opinion is something like: “Jonida instated Altuna as her protégée in same-sex erotica and polymorphous sexuality”. But we ask: “If antics such as femdom play-acting, hand holding and navel fetishism (yep, they fondled and wiggled each other bellies towards the end) were already present, why not snogging?! “Show, don’t tell”, a PR stunt or “Bitch, we ain’t Britney and Madonna”?!

Bearing all this in mind, the next question, logically speaking, is: “Will Barbara Hammer be hired to direct their lesbian erotica flashy?”

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